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Rehabilitation of Cerebral Palsy


Specialists Invited from Ukraine

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About Centre

 Rehabilitation Centre “Sanni” was established in Tbilisi, in 2011. High-qualified professionals (specialists) from Ukraine work at the Centre. They have many years’ experience of working at leader rehabilitation centers.

 The function of the Centre is based on the usage of classical methods of rehabilitation. The aforementioned methods are utilized, when the following diseases and conditions are available:

  • Cerebral Palsy (all forms including spastic monoparesis, paraparesis, hemiparesis, tetraparesis, atonic- astatic, mixed, hyperkinetic forms, etc.)
  • Impediment of motor development in early years of childhood.
  • Consequences of craniocerebral trauma and neuroinfections.
  • Restriction of movement of joints (contracture, arthritis, arthrosis, arthrogryposis).
  • Back pain.
  • Scoliosis
  • Diseases of peripheral nervous system (paresis, plexitis, etc.)
  • Post-operative conditions in orthopedics and traumatology.

 Rehabilitation programme covers twelve-day treatment and includes the following procedures:

 In addition, the Centre provides regular physical therapy and individual massage courses.

 During the treatment, each patient is provided with systematic video control with an aim to analyze positive dynamic.


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