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  1. Congenital developmental anomaly of backbone and central nervous system
  2. Heavy forms of backbone nonstability (spondylolisthesis of I-II degree), apparent osteoporosis of bones
  3. Acute and semi-acute period of inflammatory and contagious diseases of central nervous system
  4. Already suffered to brain injury/craniocerebral trauma, disorder of blood circulation of brain in acute and semi-acute period
  5. Sever organic disorder of central nervous system, hydrocephaly at decompensation stage, apparent convulsion syndrome, epileptic status in past history (anamnesis) and evident psychoorganic syndrome
  6. Backbone trauma, spinal cord and brain cancer, inflammatory diseases of backbone, period from postoperative interference
  7. Diseases of internal organs in acute period and decompensation condition
  8. Apparent mental disorder
  9. Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)

The specialists of the Centre administer rehabilitation procedures on an individual basis.

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