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Passive exercise of articulations of limbs

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Passive exercise of articulations of limbs is directed at improving motion, increasing amplitude and movement speed in joints, correcting articular-muscular disbalance and strengthening trophism in articulations.

 It’s well-known that tonus disorder in muscles (spasticity in some cases and hypertonia in other cases) causes appearance of functional blocks in articulations of limbs. Dystrophic changes in tissues are increased; feeding of them is worsened, which results in shortening of damaged muscles. In the beginning, functional contractures occur in joints, which might be exterminated in the process of active treatment. In complicated cases, organic contractures appear, when joint does not move at all.

 At initial stage thick articulations are worked out (on legs - articulations of pelvis-femur and knees; on hands - articulations of arm and elbow), afterwards thin joints of foot and hand. Classical method is used, which contributes to light excretion of articulation from passive condition via affecting on it specifically.

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