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Physiotherapy (ozokerite treatment)

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Physiotherapy (ozokerite treatment) - ozokerite treatment is carried out in resorts, clinics and physiotherapeutic hospitals. Ozokerite is a naturally occurring odoriferous mineral wax or paraffin found in many localities. It includes 85% of carbohydrates and 14% of hydrogen as well as ceresin wax, petroleum products, mineral oils having medical properties.

Due to the aforementioned, ozokerite can be used on quite high temperature (60-70 °C) in the way which does not cause burn. It is characterized with maintenance of high heat, conduction of minimal heat and outputting of slowed heat.

It makes influence on a body due to temperature, chemical and mechanical factors. From the perspective of amount ozokerite can be decreased within 10-12%, which causes light contraction of tissues.

It supports to intumescence decrease. It is analgesic and antispastic.

It’s proved that ozokerite treatment is more effective than paraffin treatment. Ozokerite treatment is actively used in neurorehabilitation.

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